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Field Hockey BC is excited to announce the official reinstatement of an in-person BC Coach Conference for 2024. Hosted at SFU in Burnaby and in collaboration with multi-sport partners, FHBC is delighted to present Field Hockey speakers and presenters from Canada, Belgium, the UK, and the USA in what promises to be both an informative and inspirational weekend. Added to this is the multi-sport opportunity to take in and hear from speakers and presenters across a number of sports representing both individual and team sport environments.

And not forgetting formalized education through the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP), FHBC is also including the opportunity to attend the practical NCCP Field Hockey Competition Introduction module, as well as the multi-sport NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) module.

The BC Coach Conference is taking place over the weekend February 9-11, 2024. Field Hockey BC encourages all member clubs, community leagues, and community associations to support the 2024 BC Coach Conference in advocating for this opportunity within your respective coaching ranks. With a theme this year “embracing coaching at all levels”, there should be a positive learning experience for all in attendance.

Registration for the 2024 BC Coach Conference is now open and can be accessed at the following



The Conference website can be accessed here:


For those wishing to register for the NCCP Competition Introduction or FMS modules, this registration is direct through FHBC rather than the conference portal. FHBC is offering the FMS module ‘free of charge’ to FHBC Registered Participants. Please direct your NCCP registration to the following link:

FHBC looks forward to welcoming attendees to the 2024 BC Coach Conference next month.

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